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Marketing Materials

Unleash the Power of Brochures: Elevate Your Brand’s Communication Game

Unleash the Power of Brochures: Elevate Your Brand’s Communication Game

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, where digital strategies often take the spotlight, it’s easy to overlook the enduring impact of print materials. Enter brochures—a versatile and tangible tool that can effectively communicate your brand’s story, products, and services. In a world where instant gratification is common, brochures offer a more immersive and tactile experience for your audience. Let’s delve into the world of brochures and how they can take your brand’s communication to new heights.

What are Brochures?

Brochures are compact printed materials that provide information about a brand, product, service, or event. They typically consist of multiple pages, which can be folded or bound, offering space to showcase images, details, benefits, and more. Brochures come in various sizes, formats, and finishes, allowing you to tailor them to your specific marketing goals.

Why Choose Brochures for Your Brand’s Communication?

  1. Tangible Experience: In the digital age, physical touchpoints stand out. Brochures provide a tangible experience that engages multiple senses—sight, touch, and even smell if you opt for scented paper. This sensory engagement enhances the memorability of your brand.

    Information Depth: Brochures offer ample space to dive deep into your brand’s offerings. From detailed product descriptions to comprehensive service portfolios, brochures allow you to provide in-depth information that might be too much for a single digital ad.

    Versatility: Brochures are versatile in their use. They can serve as sales collateral, product guides, event programs, and more. This adaptability ensures that you get the most out of your investment.

    Brand Consistency: Custom-designed brochures allow you to align the layout, colors, and fonts with your brand’s identity. This consistency fosters brand recognition and reinforces your visual presence.

    Audience Engagement: Brochures enable readers to engage at their own pace. They can take their time flipping through the pages, absorbing the content, and focusing on the aspects that interest them the most.

Why Partner with Rayacom for Brochures?

  1. Design Expertise: Our team of designers understands the balance between aesthetics and functionality. We create brochures that are visually appealing while effectively conveying your message.

    Quality Printing: We prioritize quality in every aspect of our services. Our brochures are printed on high-quality paper, ensuring sharp images, vibrant colors, and a professional finish.

    Customization: We offer a range of customization options, from brochure sizes to finishes. This allows you to create brochures that align seamlessly with your brand identity and communication goals.

    Timely Delivery: Just like any of our services, we understand the importance of timely delivery. You can trust us to provide you with your brochures when you need them.

Brochures are a powerful communication tool that can enhance your brand’s storytelling, engage your audience, and deliver comprehensive information in an appealing format. Contact Rayacom today to discuss your brochure needs and let us help you elevate your brand’s communication game with the impactful and tactile experience of printed brochures.

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Door Hangers, Marketing Materials

Door Hangers: 5 Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes in your Marketing Strategy

Door hangers are an affordable and effective way to promote your business, especially for local companies – if you lost our last post on this subject, you can read it by clicking here. With a door hanger, you can directly target potential customers in their own neighborhoods. However, while door-hanger marketing is a popular advertising strategy, there are some common mistakes you need to avoid to ensure your campaign is successful. In this article, we will provide you with tips on how to avoid these mistakes and make the most out of your campaign.

Door Hangers: What to Avoid

If you are considering including this type of material in your strategy, keep an eye on the following items – not paying attention to this type of thing or even choosing the wrong printing company for this project can make you lose money.


  1. Using Low-Quality Paper

Your door hanger is an extension of your brand, and as such, you need to make sure that it looks professional and high-quality. Avoid using low-quality paper, as it will make your door hanger appear cheap and unprofessional. Opt for a thicker paper stock, such as 14 pt or 16 pt, as it will give your door hanger a more substantial feel and make it stand out from other advertisements.


  1. Crowding Your Design

While it may be tempting to include as much information as possible on your door hanger, it’s essential to avoid crowding your design. Crowded designs can be overwhelming and difficult to read, turning potential customers off. Instead, keep your design simple and easy to read. Highlight your key message and include your contact information and a call to action. This will make it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you and learn more about your business.


  1. Ignoring Your Target Audience

One of the most common mistakes businesses make when creating a door hanger campaign is failing to consider their target audience. Make sure that your design and message are tailored to your target demographic. For example, if you are targeting families with children, consider including a kid-friendly message or design element. This will help your door hanger resonate with your target audience and increase your chances of success.


  1.  Using Generic Templates

While there are many pre-made door hanger templates available, using a generic template can make your door hanger look unoriginal and unmemorable. Instead, opt for a custom design that incorporates your brand’s colors, fonts, and message. This will help your door hanger stand out and make a lasting impression on potential customers.


If already know this but have no idea where to start, please talk to us! At RayaCom, we have an in-house design team that is always ready to help you out with your needs.


  1. Forgetting Your Call-to-Action

A call-to-action is a crucial element of any advertising campaign, including door hangers. Make sure that your door hanger includes a clear call-to-action that encourages potential customers to take action. This could be as simple as asking them to visit your website, call your business, or visit your store.

Door Hangers Printing

Door-hanger marketing can be an effective way to promote your business and reach potential customers in your local area. At RayaCom, we offer high-quality door hanger (and many other types of material) printing services that can help you create a successful marketing campaign. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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Marketing Materials, Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders: How to Use Them to Convey a serious and Trustworthy Image for my company?

Presentation folders are folders used to hold and organize printed materials, such as brochures, flyers, business cards, and other promotional materials. They are commonly used by businesses and organizations to present their information in a professional and organized manner.


Also, they are a great way for businesses to make a good first impression and leave a lasting impression on potential clients and customers. They help to showcase a professional image and give a polished look to marketing materials.


If you work directly with the public in areas such as education, healthcare, real estate, or law firms, or even make frequent presentations for other companies – which is quite common in areas such as marketing, government agencies, and others, you might want to have a personalized presentation folder to offer to customers or partners.


And it is worth remembering that this type of material not only helps to convey a positive image to the recipient but also helps to make life easier for the person in question and reinforces your brand presence. What to take into account, then, when creating your own presentation folders? That’s exactly what we’ll cover in this post, keep reading to understand better.

How to Design a Presentation Folder?

First things first – let’s start with the design and printing. Pay attention to these items in particular:


  1. Quality printing: Invest in high-quality printing for your presentation folders. This will help to make a professional first impression and give a polished look to your materials. Using a professional printing company to ensure the best results is THE way to go!


  1. Simple and clean design: Avoid using too many colors or graphics, as this can be distracting. Focus on your company logo, name, and tagline to convey a serious and trustworthy image.


  1. Consistent branding: Make sure your presentation folders are consistent with your overall branding and marketing materials. Use the same colors, fonts, and logos on your website and other marketing materials to create a consistent look and feel.


  1. Include important information: Make sure your presentation folders include important information about your company, such as contact information, services offered, and a brief description of your business. This will help to give potential customers a better understanding of what you do and how you can help them.


Also, remember to be concerned about what goes inside those presentation folders. Let’s say you run a children’s art and music school and you get lots of visits from parents who are considering enrolling their kids in the classes you offer. And you, precisely for this reason, would like to have personalized presentation folders to include the school’s brochure or printed material with timetables and prices.


You can do this simply, just a printed sheet with the information. But if you really care about your branding, you can use personalized paper with your logo or, in this case, some musical or artistic element present in your brand. It’s those little details that help your brand and business stand out from the crowd.


Presentation Folders Printing!

If you’ve read this article and come to the conclusion that presentation folders would be great for your business, we can help. RayaCom specializes in printed materials in the Vancouver area and we can help you create presentation folders that help to convey a professional image and build trust with potential customers.


You can place your order directly on our website and receive your folders in up to 10 business days. And if you need help with the design, we also can give you a hand. We have an in-house design team that can create the folders for you. If that’s your case, please contact us with your demand and ask for a free quote.

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Door Hangers, Marketing Materials

Door Hangers: 5 Ways You Can Use Them to Promote Your Brand, Products, or Services

Door hangers are small pieces of card or paper, often with a perforated tab, that are hung on a door handle. They are commonly used as promotional tools for businesses and organizations, as they are an easy and cost-effective way to reach potential customers. Door hangers typically include information about a product or service, a promotional offer, or an event. They can be hung on doors in a specific neighborhood or area, allowing the business to target a specific audience and reach potential customers with their message.


And if you’re here because you’re looking for effective ways to get your brand out to more people, that’s what we’re going to show you today – how to use door hangers as a marketing tool to promote your products.

How Can Door Hangers be Used for Marketing?

Check out some tips below that may have to do with your brand awareness strategy.


  1. Direct advertising. Place your company’s name, logo, and information about your products or services on door hangers and leave them on doors in the area where you want to reach potential customers. This method is particularly effective for businesses that offer services in specific neighborhoods or even if your company is new and you want to let people know you’re open for business.


  1. Coupons and special offers. Offer discounts, coupons, or special promotions through door hangers. This can encourage people to try out your business and could lead to repeat customers.


  1. Event promotion. Use door hangers to promote events or special deals related to your business. For example, you can advertise a sale, a new product launch, or a charity event.


  1. Surveys and feedback. Use door hangers as a way to gather feedback and information from potential customers. Ask questions about your products, services, or even your advertising efforts, and include a space for comments. You can do this by adding a QR code that takes your potential customers to a form – and you can offer some kind of reward for those who respond.


  1. Product samples. Offer product samples through door hangers, particularly for food and beauty products. This allows people to try out your products without having to make a purchase and can result in repeat customers if they like what they try.


What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From Door Hangers?

If you liked the examples above but still don’t know if the door hangers strategy is right for your business, let’s give you some concrete examples. Bearing in mind, of course, that these suggestions are for inspiration only – with a little creativity, they can be adapted for a number of segments.


For starters, a local restaurant could use door hangers to promote its menu, new dishes, and special deals. They could hang door hangers on doors in the surrounding neighborhood, offering a discount on take-out orders or a coupon for a free dessert with a meal.


Other areas that have everything to do with this strategy are cleaning services or even home improvement. They could use door hangers to advertise their services in residential neighborhoods. The door hanger could include information about their services, pricing, and a special offer for first-time customers.


The same goes for spas and salons, pet shops, grocery stores… Basically, any business that wants to impact a specific neighborhood. In each of these examples, the door hanger should include clear, concise information about the product or service being promoted, along with an attractive design and a call to action. The door hanger should also include a contact method, such as a phone number or website so that interested customers can easily get in touch.

Door Hanger Printing in the Vancouver Area

Please contact us if you like the idea and would like to test the strategy – especially in the Vancouver area. To make 250 units of door hangers with one side printed, the cost is $171 and delivery takes up to five working days. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us so we can help you.


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Desktop Calendars, Marketing Materials

Custom Calendar Printing: 4 Tips to Create Yours and Stay On Customers’ Minds All Year Round

In the last month, we highlighted here some good reasons to distribute personalized calendars of your brand to customers. And now that you know that this can be a great marketing tool to make your public remember your brand all year long, let’s move on. That is, if you liked the idea and decided to include calendars (whether desktop or wall versions) in your strategy, today’s post can help you – we’ll give you some practical tips on how to do this in a harmonic and efficient way. Keep reading to understand.

How to Create Custom Calendars

To help you with this task, we have created a small list that you can use as a checklist to plan your calendars. Check it out below.


  1. Think About the Theme

For the end result to be harmonious and cohesive – and still be effective as a marketing tool – you need the right theme. Think of options that have to do with your business, that are current and still not very trendy. That’s because this type of theme can get dated in a material that is made to be used for an entire year, right?


If you have a supermarket, health food store or even a restaurant, recipes for each month can be a good option. If you own a bookstore, think about book suggestions. If you have a mechanic shop, maybe images of classic cars accompanied by fun facts about them will be interesting.


  1. Images

If you already have (or can make) images of your products to illustrate the calendar, great! Let’s say you have a flower shop – you can use the images of plants and flowers that you have available at each time of year. The same goes for the restaurant example – if you have pictures of the dishes, perfect! If not, you can use image banks (both free and paid, which usually have more options). What matters is that they are beautiful images with good resolution, so that the print is clear.


  1. Texts

As much as the images here are the protagonists, it is important to think about the texts that will accompany them. Avoid large blocks of text that can be difficult to read and are easily skipped and focus on what matters, your topic. In other words, there can be recipes, curiosities, small excerpts from books… Also pay attention to the colors used, especially if the text is on top of the images (avoid combinations that don’t have much contrast, which can be difficult to read).


  1. Be Helpful

Yes, a calendar by itself is already a useful material, right? But you can add even more simple items that help make everyone’s life easier – a To Do List area, for example, list of national holidays and even coupons for seasonal promotions are good ideas of what to include.


Custom Calendar Printing in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver

In addition, it is also important to think about technical issues, such as size and printing – after all, this is essential for your calendar to enter your customers’ daily lives. So, look for a reliable company to help you in this regard.


And if you’ve read this article and already have an idea of ​​how you want your personalized calendars for the next year, contact us at RayaCom. In addition to providing some ready-made templates that can be customized, we also have an in-house design team for more specific budgets. That is, we are ready to help you to put your plans into action.


In addition, our delivery time is usually up to ten working days, which means that the calendars would be ready to be distributed before the end of the year. So don’t waste time and click here for more information.



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Marketing Materials, Retractable Banners

Retractable Banner Stand: Tips for Creating an Effective and Attention-Grabbing Material

There are a number of forms of advertising that appear all the time, especially with social networks increasingly present in our daily lives. But there are some materials that continue to be used, no matter what – this is the case with retractable banners. And the reason is very simple: they are versatile, effective and cost-effective.


They can be used for a number of purposes – to publicize your brand or a new product at an event or trade show, to communicate a promotion, to draw attention to a new business opening… The possibilities are endless. With that in mind, in this post we have separated some simple but important tips that will help you plan a flashy banner that can convey the message you want to communicate.


How to Craft a Successful Retractable Banner

Are you looking to have a retractable banner made for your company? Then read below for tips for assertive design.


  1. Keep Your Logo at the Top

Typically, the top of the banner is the first place people look at. Soon, they will notice your company name and colors – this is a simple and effective way to reinforce your brand among customers and potential customers.


  1. Pay Attention to the Order

When looking at your banner, people will scan it from top to bottom and left to right. So, you need to organize the information you want to get across in this way. And remember: stick only to essential information to avoid excesses in the material.


  1. Good Images

If your objective is to draw attention to your products, it is necessary that those who look at your banner can not only see them but also be interested in them. Therefore, prefer good quality images (that is, high resolution) of your products. If you have difficulty with this, Rayacom’s design team can help you by analyzing whether the images are properly sized.


  1. Use Colors

Colors are your great allies when it comes to getting people’s attention, so use them! But always sparingly – prefer to use the tones already present in your visual identity and avoid too much color mixing to guarantee that the message will be visible and easily readable.


  1. Typography

If your visual identity already includes some fonts, use them. All this helps to reinforce your brand presence. But the advice is the same as the one we gave about colors – avoid too much mixing and focus on keeping the message clear and visible. Therefore, avoid long sentences and very small letters.


  1. Use With Other Forms of Advertising

Let’s say you want to have banners made to promote your brand and products in a Farmer’s market. You can use them alone, of course, but the ideal is to set up a strategy with various types of printed materials – that way, you can communicate with more potential customers. Good examples are flyers and booklets, which you can distribute to potential customers who have already seen the banner, are interested in the product and have come to talk, but haven’t bought it yet.


  1. Try it!

We don’t always get everything right the first time – if you’re unsure about a specific design, do more than one version. That way, by looking at them later, observing the general scenario of the event, you can better evaluate and thus make better decisions for the next few times.


  1. Reuse

Do you always participate in events or do you intend to use the banners on more than one occasion? If so, avoid including details like dates or event names – choose a clear and concise message, but without very specific data.


  1. Evaluate the Results

Retractable banners may not be the easiest types of material to measure results, but it’s still possible. You can do this in a number of ways – including a QR code that takes people to a specific page, for example, or through good old-fashioned conversation. If a customer came to your company or stand at an event and made a purchase, ask if they saw the banners.

Retractable Banners in Vancouver

If you would like to have your banners made, please contact us! At Rayacom you can either send your finished design or download some customizable templates. Also, if you need help with the design, we can give you a hand. To contact us, click here.

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Booklets, Marketing Materials

Booklet Printing in Vancouver: 6 Tips on How to Craft an Awesome Booklet to Promote Your Brand

Recently, we highlighted here in the Rayacom blog the versatility of booklets. This type of printed material can be used for a number of purposes – instruction manual, catalog, magazine… It all depends on your goal and creativity. And the best thing is: it has a lot to add to your marketing strategy.


If you’ve read our text – and this paragraph here above – and you’re interested in booklets but still don’t quite know how to start producing yours, this article is for you. In this text, we will give you some practical tips that can help you in this process. Keep reading to understand better.

Step by Step: How to Create a Booklet

Before making any decision about your company, you need to plan ahead, right? Well, with a booklet it’s the same thing. That is, before thinking about ready-made material – about design, images and content, you need to be clear about the purpose of your material. Check out the list below to help you simplify the preparation.


  1. Purpose

What is the purpose of your booklet? Will it be a product catalog? An instruction manual? A magazine that showcases your brand personality? And how will it be distributed? A booklet can be aimed at those who are already customers (it can be material that is sent along with an online purchase, for example) or it can be something that will introduce your brand to potential customers.


To make it easier, start by crafting a concise and specific paragraph with the purpose of your booklet. This is what will guide the entire process of elaborating the necessary texts, design and images – until you have your material ready at hand.


  1. Size

It is interesting to think about the size of your material, as this is directly linked to the final price. After all, it’s no use planning a material with 60 pages if your budget only allows a 12-page booklet, right? At Rayacom, for example, you can order booklets from 8 to 60 pages in sizes 8.5”x5.5” or 8.5”x11” – and the values ​​vary both according to these factors and also in terms of the number of copies. Through the website, you can make a budget quite easily just by informing this data.


  1. Agenda Meeting

With all the details of items number 1 and 2 well defined, it’s time to think about the content. What do you want to include in your booklet? Make a list of items, always considering the main objective and target audience. If you’re going to talk to someone who isn’t your customer yet, it’s a good idea to include a brand presentation. If you are going to talk to someone who is already a customer, this may not be so necessary. Will your booklet have different sections? Different articles? If yes, which ones?


Try to make a preliminary sketch to understand if you will be able to include everything you would like in the pages you have available, ok?


  1. Design and Content

If your company already has a design and content production team, this is the time for them to take action and to put on paper the ideas that have already been discussed. If not, you can use solutions like ready-made booklet templates. Here you can download some templates that can be customized in Adobe Illustrator.


If you don’t have a design team and you don’t want to use a ready-made template either, that is, you would like something more customized, you can talk to us directly. Rayacom has an in-house design team and they can help you with your project. Remember that using your brand’s visual identity is yet another way to reinforce your presence in the minds of your potential customers.


  1. Contact

Don’t forget to include in your content some ways your customers can get in touch with you. In other words, your booklet needs to have your email address, physical store address and opening hours (if any), website address, phone number, user on social networks…. It seems obvious to say, but many people forget or leave these details so discreet in the material that they end up losing customers.


You can also include QR codes to take your customer to a specific page or even to your social networks. What really matters is that whoever is reading finds this information easily.


  1. Photos

An attractive booklet needs to have good quality, beautiful photos of your products or services. The ideal is that you have professional images of your products (after all, you can use them not only for the elaboration of graphic materials, but also in social networks, for example). But if you don’t have or can’t do it, you can use stock images. Pixabay and Unsplash are good free image banks, while Shutterstock and Adobe Stock offer images that you can buy and use in your materials.


  1. Review Everything!

Before sending to print, proofread everything very well. Read all the texts and check for spelling errors and see if all text is readable. Also look at the images, make sure they are all on the correct pages and in good quality.

Where Can I Have My Booklet Print in Vancouver?

If you like the idea and already want to put it into practice having your booklet printed, please contact us at Rayacom. You can send your print-ready design yourself, conveniently and quickly, directly from the website. Or, if you prefer, you can talk to us and we can help you with all the elaboration. Click here to get in touch.

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Booklets, Marketing Materials

Booklets Printing: 4 Ideas for Incorporating Them Into Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy

We always emphasize the importance of printed formats for a marketing strategy. Contrary to what it may seem, this type of material is far from dead – on the contrary, it can deliver a better ROI than digital formats. With that in mind, today we will present a versatile and very interesting format that you can use to increase your brand’s awareness among customers or even get new leads. We’re talking about booklets.


What is a Booklet Anyway?

Booklets are printed brochure materials (that is, as if it were a book). They can be used for a multitude of purposes – storybooks, magazines, catalogs, discount books, instruction manuals and others. You can have booklets printed in a variety of sizes, paper types and page counts.

Is it Worth Including Them in my Marketing Strategy?

Like any marketing and publicity tool, the answer to this question is: it depends. Throughout this text, we will present some uses and advantages of this type of material, so you can evaluate if it makes sense for your business and in what way.


But what we can say is that booklets are great ways to present yourself to customers in a solid and reliable way (since this type of material is usually printed on good quality paper and with good printing).


It’s also a way to create a more tangible connection with your leads – having your booklet in hand, people can take it home, analyze it better, think about it… When closing the deal, which can happen almost immediately or after a while, they’ll probably think of your brand.

How Can I Use a Booklet?

If you read the paragraphs above and liked the idea, here are some thoughts that you can apply to your business.


  1. Booklet as a Mini-Magazine

Let’s say you have a cosmetics and makeup brand. You can use the booklet format to create mini-magazines to show you how to use your products. It can include images and text with skin care routine suggestions or even makeup tutorials. Really like a magazine, only totally dedicated to your brand.


  1. Booklets as Catalogs

If your brand is in the construction or decoration business, you can use this type of material as a catalog of your products. Let’s say you sell hardwood flooring options – you can include good images of the available colors to help anyone looking for this type of product. That way, your potential customers can take your booklet home and better analyze which shade of wood would be ideal for their home.


  1. Booklets as a Guide

In that case, you can send your customers instruction manuals that are more informative and more detailed than what we usually find on the market. If you have also suffered with a bad instruction manual on how to assemble a furniture, for example, you know well that your customers will certainly be grateful for one with more in-depth information.


  1. Booklets to Position Yourself as an Expert

Let’s say you have a publishing house or even a bookstore. You can use booklets to position yourself as an authority in your area. Your material may have interesting book reviews, as well as announcements of new releases and market trends.

Booklets in the Vancouver Area

If you have a business in the Vancouver area and would like to use booklets in some way in your branding strategy, please contact us – we can help. Click here to check the formats and prices we offer. We also have some templates available to help you through this process – plus we have an in-house design team if you want something more personalized.


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A-Frame Signs, Marketing Materials

A-Frame Sign: How to Design Your Communication Strategy Using This Type of Material

We have already talked here about the most varied uses of A-frame signs, which are great graphic materials, since they are versatile and can be used for a number of purposes. With them, you can both guide your customers inside your establishment (point the direction to the toilet, for example) and attract potential customers to your store, publicize an event and so on.


But how to design an assertive and cost-effective strategy using A-frame signs? That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today, so read on for practical tips.


A-Frame Sign: The Types

Basically, there are two types of A-frame signs. Single sided and double sided. This means that you can have a message print on one side and leave the other side blank. Or have the sign printed with messages – which can be the same or different – on both sides.


Furthermore, A-frame signs are made up of two distinct parts – frames and inserts. If you are making your first signs, you order the two parts together (frame + inserts, which is where the messages you want to display will be printed). But when you want to change the text, you can have only the inserts made – and reuse the frames.


How to Build My Strategy With A-Frame Signs?

Now that you know the types, you can think of a strategy that has to do with your business. Check out the tips below.


  1. Single or Double?

Yes, oddly enough, it’s not always worth investing in double sided A-frames. Let’s demonstrate using a practical example: let’s say you have a restaurant and you want to use A-frame signs to advertise your special lunch menu, which is served every day from Monday to Saturday – with different options for each day, of course.


And the place where your A-frame sign sits only shows one side to the audience. That is, it is not necessary to frame the menu for each day for both sides. In this case, you can buy just one sign with the frame and another five inserts – so you change the insert daily, leaving only that day’s menu on display.


  1. Double Frame, Double Message

If your A-frame sign has both sides visible to passersby, you don’t necessarily need to print the same message twice. You can put a message on each. One of them may have the menu of the day and another may indicate a seasonal dish or drink, for example.


  1. With or Without a Date?

Another tip that can help you get the most out of your communication strategy using A-frame signs is to include dates only when absolutely necessary. That is, when you want to publicize a specific event or some special condition – it can be a themed menu, for example – that will only be available during a period of time.


If there is no need for the date, do not include it. That way, you can build your small collection of inserts and save in the long run. If you had four Christmas-themed inserts made the year before, you can use them again this year – or maybe just make one or two new ones, so you can alternate uses.


  1. Design

We are well aware that a clean design that at the same time attracts the pedestrian’s attention is essential. If you don’t understand a lot about design, the good news is that nowadays there are a number of companies that offer you tools to help you with this step. Rayacom, for example, has a series of templates available that can also help you build your strategy with A-frame signs.


A-Frame Signs in Vancouver

If you have read this post and have already thought of ideas to promote your business using this type of graphic material. A-frame signs start at $150 (frame + 2 inserts) – here you can quote the value according to quantity and size. Materials are ready within three business days.

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Marketing Materials, Vinyl Banners

Are Vinyl Banners Still Effective? Yea! See How They Can Help Build Brand Awareness

In today’s world, the vast majority of business owners already understand the importance of investing in advertising. But while many of them are directing their entire budget to online options, today we want to address a type of advertising that can have a much higher ROI (return over investment) and that can work super well for your business. Yes, we are talking about vinyl banners.


They are good value for money, durable and not expensive. And most importantly, they can make your company stand out and be known in the offline world. In an increasingly connected world, where many companies fight for the attention of online customers (and don’t always get it), you can get your brand remembered just by using banners. Have you ever thought about it?


If not, in today’s post we will cover some advantages of this type of strategy.


But How do I Order Some Printed Vinyl Banners?

Before moving on to the advantages, it is important to remember that having vinyl banners made is simple and quick. If you are in the Vancouver area, you can do this directly on the Rayacom website. By clicking here, you can order your vinyl banners easily – just choose the size and quantity and send your design. Vinyl banners are ready within 3 business days.


And the most interesting thing is that if you don’t have a ready-made design, you can either download customizable templates from the website or order your own design from the Rayacom team. We have in-house design professionals to help you with your demands. To contact us, click here.


Do Vinyl Banners Help Build Brand Awareness?

Yes! Check below some arguments that corroborate what we are addressing in this post.


  1. They Are the Most Versatile Poster Boys

Your vinyl banners will basically act as poster boys. The more people see your brand, your visual identity, your colors and your message, the more they will remember it. And the good thing is, this is easy to do using banners – they can be displayed almost anywhere. In buildings, fairs, events, trade shows, farmers markets… The possibilities are endless.


  1. Offer Good ROI

We have already mentioned ROI at the beginning of this text, but it is necessary to emphasize this point. After all, it’s not enough for a form of advertising to be low-cost – if it doesn’t have any return in sales or new customers, it will still cost a lot. And according to a survey by Ketchum Global Research, six out of 10 Americans have walked into a store because they saw something interesting in a banner. In other words, this already indicates that the possibilities of new customers are high.


  1. They Are Customizable

Vinyl banners are fully customizable. That means you can choose the size, colors, images, fonts and messages you want. This means that you can use your creativity and good humor to be able to talk to your client. Here, we have already given some tips in this regard.


Vinyl Banner Printing in Vancouver

And if you are convinced to bet on banners to promote your company, click here to read more about the subject and, who knows, have some pieces made. Good Business!