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Door Hangers, Marketing Materials

Door Hangers: 5 Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes in your Marketing Strategy

Door hangers are an affordable and effective way to promote your business, especially for local companies – if you lost our last post on this subject, you can read it by clicking here. With a door hanger, you can directly target potential customers in their own neighborhoods. However, while door-hanger marketing is a popular advertising strategy, there are some common mistakes you need to avoid to ensure your campaign is successful. In this article, we will provide you with tips on how to avoid these mistakes and make the most out of your campaign.

Door Hangers: What to Avoid

If you are considering including this type of material in your strategy, keep an eye on the following items – not paying attention to this type of thing or even choosing the wrong printing company for this project can make you lose money.


  1. Using Low-Quality Paper

Your door hanger is an extension of your brand, and as such, you need to make sure that it looks professional and high-quality. Avoid using low-quality paper, as it will make your door hanger appear cheap and unprofessional. Opt for a thicker paper stock, such as 14 pt or 16 pt, as it will give your door hanger a more substantial feel and make it stand out from other advertisements.


  1. Crowding Your Design

While it may be tempting to include as much information as possible on your door hanger, it’s essential to avoid crowding your design. Crowded designs can be overwhelming and difficult to read, turning potential customers off. Instead, keep your design simple and easy to read. Highlight your key message and include your contact information and a call to action. This will make it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you and learn more about your business.


  1. Ignoring Your Target Audience

One of the most common mistakes businesses make when creating a door hanger campaign is failing to consider their target audience. Make sure that your design and message are tailored to your target demographic. For example, if you are targeting families with children, consider including a kid-friendly message or design element. This will help your door hanger resonate with your target audience and increase your chances of success.


  1.  Using Generic Templates

While there are many pre-made door hanger templates available, using a generic template can make your door hanger look unoriginal and unmemorable. Instead, opt for a custom design that incorporates your brand’s colors, fonts, and message. This will help your door hanger stand out and make a lasting impression on potential customers.


If already know this but have no idea where to start, please talk to us! At RayaCom, we have an in-house design team that is always ready to help you out with your needs.


  1. Forgetting Your Call-to-Action

A call-to-action is a crucial element of any advertising campaign, including door hangers. Make sure that your door hanger includes a clear call-to-action that encourages potential customers to take action. This could be as simple as asking them to visit your website, call your business, or visit your store.

Door Hangers Printing

Door-hanger marketing can be an effective way to promote your business and reach potential customers in your local area. At RayaCom, we offer high-quality door hanger (and many other types of material) printing services that can help you create a successful marketing campaign. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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Door Hangers, Marketing Materials

Door Hangers: 5 Ways You Can Use Them to Promote Your Brand, Products, or Services

Door hangers are small pieces of card or paper, often with a perforated tab, that are hung on a door handle. They are commonly used as promotional tools for businesses and organizations, as they are an easy and cost-effective way to reach potential customers. Door hangers typically include information about a product or service, a promotional offer, or an event. They can be hung on doors in a specific neighborhood or area, allowing the business to target a specific audience and reach potential customers with their message.


And if you’re here because you’re looking for effective ways to get your brand out to more people, that’s what we’re going to show you today – how to use door hangers as a marketing tool to promote your products.

How Can Door Hangers be Used for Marketing?

Check out some tips below that may have to do with your brand awareness strategy.


  1. Direct advertising. Place your company’s name, logo, and information about your products or services on door hangers and leave them on doors in the area where you want to reach potential customers. This method is particularly effective for businesses that offer services in specific neighborhoods or even if your company is new and you want to let people know you’re open for business.


  1. Coupons and special offers. Offer discounts, coupons, or special promotions through door hangers. This can encourage people to try out your business and could lead to repeat customers.


  1. Event promotion. Use door hangers to promote events or special deals related to your business. For example, you can advertise a sale, a new product launch, or a charity event.


  1. Surveys and feedback. Use door hangers as a way to gather feedback and information from potential customers. Ask questions about your products, services, or even your advertising efforts, and include a space for comments. You can do this by adding a QR code that takes your potential customers to a form – and you can offer some kind of reward for those who respond.


  1. Product samples. Offer product samples through door hangers, particularly for food and beauty products. This allows people to try out your products without having to make a purchase and can result in repeat customers if they like what they try.


What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From Door Hangers?

If you liked the examples above but still don’t know if the door hangers strategy is right for your business, let’s give you some concrete examples. Bearing in mind, of course, that these suggestions are for inspiration only – with a little creativity, they can be adapted for a number of segments.


For starters, a local restaurant could use door hangers to promote its menu, new dishes, and special deals. They could hang door hangers on doors in the surrounding neighborhood, offering a discount on take-out orders or a coupon for a free dessert with a meal.


Other areas that have everything to do with this strategy are cleaning services or even home improvement. They could use door hangers to advertise their services in residential neighborhoods. The door hanger could include information about their services, pricing, and a special offer for first-time customers.


The same goes for spas and salons, pet shops, grocery stores… Basically, any business that wants to impact a specific neighborhood. In each of these examples, the door hanger should include clear, concise information about the product or service being promoted, along with an attractive design and a call to action. The door hanger should also include a contact method, such as a phone number or website so that interested customers can easily get in touch.

Door Hanger Printing in the Vancouver Area

Please contact us if you like the idea and would like to test the strategy – especially in the Vancouver area. To make 250 units of door hangers with one side printed, the cost is $171 and delivery takes up to five working days. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us so we can help you.