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Canada Post Mailers, Marketing Materials

Canada Post Direct Mailers: Step by Step to Promote Your Business

You already know that direct mail can be a great ally in your company’s marketing and advertising strategy, right? After all, we’ve already given you some tips on how to include this type of material in your planning – if you haven’t read it, you can check it out here and here. And we attest that it is worth it, since this is one of the strategies with the highest return on investment.


Anyway, if you’re already convinced to include direct mail in your planning but still don’t know how to start doing it, this post can help you.

Canada Post Direct Mailers

For starters, if you’ve never invested in direct mail, we’ll guide you through the steps necessary for a successful mailing. Follow the step by step below.


  1. Information

To get started, you need to know what you want to communicate in your direct mail campaign. Is it a promotion? An opening? A special condition for those who take the material received to your store? This is what needs to be defined first, as it will set the tone for the entire campaign.


Prefer short, clear and objective sentences. Don’t write too much, but also be sure to include all the important details – if you’re communicating a promotion, make it clear how long it lasts, for example.


  1. Design

Once you have defined what you want to communicate to your potential customers, it is time to define how to do it, that is, what design will be used. If your company already has a designer, this part is simpler. If not, you can use specific tools for that, like Canva, for example.


If you’re in the Burnaby and Vancouver area, you can count on RayaCom’s help too. We have some premade layouts that you can use. In addition, we also have a design team that can help you if you want something more personalized or have specific demands.


  1. Size and Number of Copies

It’s time to choose the details – size of material that will be printed and how many copies will be sent. To give you an idea, to print and send 500 units of a 4×6 size printed material costs about $266. If you want to print and send 5000 copies, the value goes to $1585. You can get this quote directly on the RayaCom website.


  1. What About Shipping?

You might be wondering how to ship – especially if you don’t have a mailing list, right? Because many companies already do this work together with printing, as is the case with RayaCom. You just need to select whether you prefer your material to be delivered to homes, businesses or even rural areas.


If your goal is to target a specific neighborhood in the city, you can also indicate this by filling in the postal code on your order form. Finally, fill in the campaign start date. And that’s it, then just wait about five business days – time needed for printing and internal processes – and your direct mail campaign will be underway.


Canada Post Direct Mailers

As you can see, the whole process is simple and fast. If you are interested in campaigns and direct mail, please click here for more information. And if you need further guidance, contact us and we can help.



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Canada Post Mailers

Direct Mail: 4 Tips for Putting Together an Assertive and Efficient Marketing Strategy

At times when the Internet allows us to communicate instantly with anyone in the world, the concept of relying on Canada Post to market your business can seem counterintuitive. But for countless small businesses, direct mail marketing not only gets the message across, it regularly attracts new customers.


Basically, direct mail is a type of marketing service that consists of sending cards, flyers and even brochures and other printed items directly to the mailboxes of hundreds or even thousands of customers and potential customers. Whether your business serves individual consumers or other businesses, direct mail can help you maximize the return on your advertising budget by focusing on the addresses most likely to respond to your message.


This is because direct mail creates a one-to-one connection that is difficult for other media channels to match. It allows you to embed coupons, reply cards, QR codes, URLs and other reply mechanisms. In short, direct mail is an excellent connector between your brand and leads, traffic and sales.

Direct Mail: Tips for Using It Better


Considering that most direct mail services handle all aspects of a campaign, from design to submission, there are a lot of things to remember when getting started. To get a better idea of ​​some of the best practices involved in direct mail, we’ve put together some tips on how you can get the most return on your investment in a direct mail campaign.


  1. Know Who You Want to Reach

A direct mail campaign can only be successful if it is sent to the type of customer you want to attract. This means that you can use the data you have already collected from your customers, for example, to attract them again. But while this method will save you money in the long run, not every direct mail campaign should be based on an existing customer base – you often want to attract new faces. If that’s the case, you’ll likely get your list directly from the company you hire for the job. RayaCom, for example, sends direct mail to you in the Vancouver and Burnaby area.


In either case, you are usually able to identify exactly which addresses or businesses you want to target with your mailers by selecting specific criteria such as household income, region of town, male or female, single or married, and many others.


  1. Get Their Attention

It makes sense that an attractively designed material works better than an uninteresting one. It should have clear, easy-to-read fonts, relevant graphics and clear images. You should also make sure that the material does not contain any spelling or grammatical errors, as they will be visible. If you struggle in this area, there are mailing services that have an in-house design team to help you create the most effective mailers to meet your specifications.


  1. Call to Action!

Your direct mailings need to have a strong call to action – that is, they need to include a reason to make that potential customer want to buy or use your products or services. This can be made easier when you offer them a promotion to new customers, like a percentage off a purchase if they bring the direct mail to the store. It’s that call to action that can be the difference between an interested customer and a quick path to the trash.


Also, don’t expect much of a response if you’re only offering a dollar off your next purchase of $100 or more. Make the offer as attractive as possible while still being profitable for you. You may need to experiment to strike the right balance between response rate and profit margin.


  1. Track Results

Even if direct mail is not a digital service, you can still extract meaningful data from your campaign. Many direct mail providers have built-in methods to track the return on investment of your direct mail campaign. With the numbers in hand, go analyzing what works best for your company.


But always remember that, like any marketing action, this one also works better if it’s taken over a longer period of time. After all, not all of your potential customers who received your direct mail today will be interested or can buy your product right now. But they might want it in a few months – it’s what we call the purchase curve. That person’s needs or financial situation may have changed, so this should also be taken into account.

Canada Post Direct Mailers

Finally, it’s worth remembering that if you’ve decided to include direct mail in your marketing strategies, we can help you every step of the way. In addition to having a design team that can be responsible for the graphic part, we also send the material to a mailing list selected according to the characteristics you indicate. To contact us, click here.

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Flyers, Marketing Materials

Flyers, Folders or Pamphlets: What’s the Difference? How to Choose the Best Format for My Business?

Flyers, folders and pamphlets are graphic materials made to publicize a brand, event or services. They can also be for informational purposes or for offline marketing strategies. But do you know the difference between them? And how to choose the best format for your advertising strategy?

Flyers, Folders or Pamphlets?


In this article we will explain what each one is and show you how they can be used. But first, it is important to point out: a consistent marketing strategy can have more than one format of material to reach different audiences – in addition, of course, to interaction with online strategies. That is, it is interesting to know the formats precisely to understand which ones best fit which objective. Keep reading to understand better.


The pamphlet appeared for the first time in the middle ages, in the 13th century to be more precise – was a kind of anonymous love poem made to circulate among people. Later, the pamphlet was intended to disseminate texts and poems that were smaller than books. Today, the pamphlet as we know serves to disseminate and spread quick information, such as store openings, promotions and information in general.


It is usually printed in A5 and A6 sizes, and on lighter (thinner) paper. Intended to be a fast-moving and low-cost material, the pamphlet is perfect for printing in large quantities. Because of this, it generally has a simpler print, in one color, for example. It is an interesting material to promote quick sales, for example, and increase the number of people in your establishment quickly.


Flyers are very similar to pamphlets and can be seen as an evolution of them. According to the meaning of the name flyers (objects that fly) this type of material is intended to be delivered quickly and in mass. What differentiates flyers from pamphlets are the more elaborate arts, printing in more colors and heavier papers.


Not only is the design of the flyers more sophisticated, but also the colors are more striking, all designed to make an impact on who will receive the material. It’s a good format for publicizing openings (after all, the first impression matters!), specific events (a party or an exhibition, for example), although it can also be used to promote discounts.


The folder is the trio’s most sophisticated graphic material. In order to bring a richer experience in information and details, the folder has a much more refined and informative design. Although the folder is more expensive, it will generally also be printed in less quantity. In this case, there are a number of formats that can be adopted – simple, accordion, folded in two or three and others.


How to use them?

Let’s talk about a basic practical example of how it is possible to use the three types of material in a marketing strategy. Let’s say you’ve opened a pizzeria and your first goal in terms of publicity will be to publicize your establishment in the neighborhood. One idea would be to print flyers with beautiful and eye-catching photos of the pizzas (it is interesting to use images of your own products! This attracts more attention than generic photos) to communicate the opening and even some special conditions for the opening date (like a discount) .


Pamphlets can be used to communicate a promotion that can last a little longer, like a month, for example. Let’s say it’s a 10% discount for those who deliver the pamphlet at the store at the time of ordering. That way, you can negotiate better prices for printing more units. And then space out the distribution well to try to increase sales volume throughout the month.


Finally, you can have folders with the menu printed in the store – that way, those who go there can take one home to check the flavors before ordering by phone or app. In this case, don’t forget to include a QR code that takes the consumer to the online ordering platform you use. That way, you can connect the strategies – online and off-line.

Flyers and Graphic Materials in Vancouver

If you are interested in the marketing strategy involving graphic materials, please contact us at RayaCom. We work with a number of options and can help you choose the best ones for you. In addition, we also have an in-house design team that can help you with graphic questions if necessary.

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Vancouver Flyers Printing: How Can I Use This Type of Material to Increase My Company’s Sales?

It may seem obvious to say, but marketing actions to promote a brand or company through flyers do not always have the same goals. Your main objective can be to promote a new brand, it can be to reinforce the corporate image, increase the number of leads and, of course, it can also be to increase sales. And it is precisely on this last objective that we will focus in this article.

Can Flyers Help Me Sell More?

Yea! Did you know that the sales rate of a campaign with flyers can exceed 5%, while the best average online results are from email marketing with a conversion rate of only 2.53%? That means delivering your message through 100 flyers to your target audience is up to twice as effective as sending out 100 emails to your potential customer base.


At a time when there is so much talk about digital marketing, is it really worth investing in print media? And how are the flyers in this story? Is it still worth investing in them?


We are going to prove that, when done correctly, flyers campaigns can be as or more effective in results for your business than digital strategies. Check out below some tips to take into account when scheduling a publicity action with flyers.

Focus on Flyer Design

According to research by SJ Insights, the average person is exposed to more than 362 ads a day! So how do you make your message stand out amidst so much competition for attention?


Having a clean and attractive design, for example. In addition, with a central image that communicates your message and a short and assertive title, but at the same time capable of arousing curiosity in those who read it. We’ve already talked about it in this post – but it’s worth remembering that RayaCom has a design team ready to help you with your needs if needed.


Who Will Hand Out the Flyers?

You’ve invested in interesting flyers with attractive design and accurate text – that’s great! But the strategy doesn’t stop there – have you thought about how this material will be handed out? It is necessary to keep in mind who your customers are, what their tastes and characteristics are in order to define where this delivery will be made.


If you intend to promote an alternative music party, there is no point in distributing your flyers on busy corners, for example, where only a small portion may be interested in the subject. Think of art galleries or cultural events, for example – the number of interested parties can be much higher.

Offline and Online Walk Together

We know that integrating offline marketing actions with social networks is an excellent way to boost your results and attract more people to your store or service. Thus, an excellent way to track the results of your flyers and be able to take more and more efficient actions while spending less resources is to insert promotions with QR codes and addresses for your social networks or even phone numbers.


Finally, and most importantly, remember: the difference between good flyers and bad ones is that the good ones make a clear promise and deliver something without asking for anything in return. In addition, it has a well-made print, with vivid colors that make your message easier to read, causing a positive visual impact.

Flyers Printing in Vancouver

So now that you already know how to plan flyers that bring customers and more results, it’s time to get in touch with those who for years have been producing flyers with the agility and quality that your company requires for you to achieve the results you deserve.


We at Rayacom have the experience and technology necessary to meet your needs in the best possible way. Understand better how to achieve better results by contacting us!

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Canada Post Mailers

Canada Post Direct Mail: Advantages of Using the Strategy that has the Highest Return on Investment (ROI)

Canada Post direct mail is a type of marketing action that consists of a physical envelope or package that a company sends to the address of customers/leads. This communication may aim to inform your target audience about something new or convince them about buying a product offered by the company.


Due to the strength of social networks in current marketing strategies, many people are reluctant to invest in this type of tool. But did you know that it is the mailing strategy that offers the highest return on investment (ROI)? We’ll see more about this and other topics that can help you decide to try (or return) to this form of outreach.


Advantages of Using Canada Post Direct Mail


  1. Highest ROI

According to data released in February 2022 in the latest Response Rate Report from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Demand Metric, direct mail is an investment that offers a 112% return. More than all others: SMS (102%), email (93%), paid search (88%), social media ads (81%) and digital display advertising (79%).


And about the format, the research indicates that what was most effective among the possibilities of direct mail was the letter-sized envelope.


  1. Untapped Potential

Direct mail has not been abandoned entirely, but many companies have migrated significant portions of their budget to online or social media outreach. And that might be good for you. With high ROI, like what we saw above, a strategy used by fewer companies represents an untapped potential waiting for you to get it.


  1. Personal Touch

Today, many brands’ interactions with customers are almost 100% digital, and that’s not a bad thing. But sending a physical package to your audience can be seen as an unexpected personal touch. This has everything to strengthen your relationship with your current and potential customers, and convince them to pay more attention to your message.


  1. Total Attention

One of the biggest problems with the internet is that it affects our attention span. It is very common to multitask, to jump from one activity to another without paying full attention to any of them.


Have you ever stopped to think that, with direct mail, this doesn’t happen? As soon as the person receives the envelope or package, they will take at least a minute to understand what it is about, without distractions. If the offer is good, the chances of the person acting on it are greater, because they understood the whole proposal and were interested in it.


  1. Integration with Digital

There’s no reason to think that using direct mail means abandoning all the good that digital marketing offers. On the contrary, you can integrate this way of reaching your customers into your current online strategy. Just use QR codes, direct links or a specific hashtag that the person can access, whether to get more information, take action, or share content with others.


Canada Post Direct Mailers

If you are enthusiastic about the format and believe that it can be a good strategy to promote your business, take the opportunity and click here to read tips that can help you in your marketing plan. And if you want more information about direct mail in Canada, you can click here to contact us. At Rayacom, we specialize in direct mail printing and mailing – we even have an in-house design department. So if you need help even with your layout issues, talk to us.


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Flyers, Marketing Materials

Flyers Printing: What Is the Ideal Quantity for My Campaign?

Flyers is one of the most used tools to stimulate sales of a particular product or service. The amount of flyers for printing must be based on distribution and it is necessary to use some strategies to have optimized and efficient results.

Throughout this article, we will give you some tips so that you can design your calendar and arrive at the amount that makes sense for your campaign.

When to Use Flyers Printing in Your Business?

Flyers are simple graphic materials and have a high return power. But for that to happen, it is interesting to set up a dissemination strategy and understand if they fit into it. Flyers are great ways to announce new services, store openings, supermarkets, pizzerias and any other type of commercial establishment. In general, people automatically associate flyers with something new. Therefore, this is an important tool for people to know certain products and get excited about discovering new places that have opened in the neighborhood.

Where to Deliver These Flyers?

To reach your audience, the ideal thing is that you distribute these flyers in places with high traffic of people. Choose specialized companies to distribute the flyers in places that people who might be interested in your product can be. In addition, you can leave these flyers in establishments that your audience will have access to and that are related to the product or service being advertised.


To have great results in your flyers, identifying the target audience is one of the most important activities. Identify who are the people who are interested in the promotion or service included in the flyers, in order to have greater chances of selling.

After All, What Is the Ideal Number of Flyers for Printing?

This amount will depend on the audience you want to reach, the defined strategy and, above all, the duration of the promotion included in it. Let’s think of a practical example: you opened a unit of your chain of pizzerias in a new neighborhood and you would like to publicize the opening of this new store to the neighborhood. You can offer a promotional price for a certain period to those who present the flyers when paying for pizza, for example.


In this case, create a schedule with dates, with the end date of the promotion being the end of the calendar for that specific campaign. Then decide how many days the flyers distribution will take place and where it will take place. In high-traffic places? In building entrances? If you are going to leave it at commercial establishments, find out how many people go to these places, to get a sense of the ideal amount. Also think about the flow of people that you have the capacity to serve on a daily basis, you must take into account the possibility of high demand for your product.


From there, you can get an idea – anyway, in the case of promotions or limited benefits, it’s best not to exaggerate the number of copies (since they will only be used for a specific period). For more general flyers, you can even have them printed in larger quantities to get a lower price for the whole and then structure the delivery dates over the months.

Flyers Printing in Vancouver Canada

If you already have your advertising campaign with flyers structured, talk to us at Rayacom. You’ll be glad to know Rayacom offers flyer printing services in these 9 Canadian cities. VancouverBurnabyKelownaTorontoHamiltonEdmontonCalgaryRed Deer & Saskatoon.

We work with full-colour double or single sided print materials with premium offset quality. In addition, we have a special option for those who can wait between five and ten business days for printing – it’s our wait and save flyers. In this case, you give us a little more time to print the material and we will offer you a special price. To see more details, click here.


Contact Us if You Have Any Questions or if You’re Having Trouble With the Website or Need to Contact Our Customer Service.


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Canada Post Mailers, Marketing Materials

Canada Post Direct Mailers: Quick Guide to a Successful Strategy

There are numerous benefits to including direct mail in your marketing strategies. As it provides for communication by mail, it allows you to create a closer relationship with your customers, making your brand remembered and more admired. And for those of you who are thinking of running a campaign like this and don’t know how to start, we’ve prepared a basic guide to an effective action strategy. Check it out below.

Canada Post Direct Mail Marketing Guide

For your Canada Post direct mail campaign to be really effective, the direct mail needs to be well designed to become a channel that will nurture a good relationship with your prospect. In this way, it is worth mentioning that it is important to avoid using standardized parts. And so that your campaign has the face of your brand, follow the tips below.


  1. Data is Gold

Let’s assume that your objective with the direct mail campaign is to publicize your organic fruit and vegetable delivery service and, thus, expand your area of ​​operation and your customer base. One way to do so is by using your database – that is, the addresses your customers gave you when they made a purchase. Among them, there is probably a parcel that bought some things a few times from you and never returned – this contact via direct mail can be the little push they needed to come back.


Another option, if your goal is to reach potential customers who may not know your brand, is to hire this service directly from Rayacom. In this case, you already choose who you want to send to directly on our website – you can choose by city or even zip code, very practical. To learn more, click here.


  1. Think About the Message

Don’t try to make something too long and complicate your customer’s understanding. Ideally, the messages sent in your direct mail are short, simple and to the point. Tell your customers why they should choose your company, what benefits you can offer and how your products stand out from other competitors.


  1. Design Matters!

Once the text is ready, it’s time to put it down on paper – literally. Your direct mail graphics should have a clean look, resonate with your brand, and be easy to read. That is, avoid using too many fonts and too many colors at once. Also, if you can use images that are actually your product, not standard images, great! But if that’s not possible, you can use stock images without any problems.


This is the topic here that a lot of people, especially those who are unfamiliar with graphic design or diagramming software, can have problems. If you have questions about this part, you can talk to us. We have a design team in-house that can help you create your material.


  1. Create Promotions or Benefits

Everyone loves discounts, right? Right! So a good idea is to use your direct mail to promote a promotion coupon or some specific benefit – this is a great way to make sure your material doesn’t go unnoticed. You can also think of a multi-channel strategy that combines mailings with your social media accounts.


If you have a store, for example, you can give a specific discount or gift to anyone who goes to the place and show that you follow the company’s profile on Instagram. These are just a few simple ideas, but the possibilities are many – it all depends on your niche and goals.

Canada Post Direct Mailers Printing Company

If you read this post and decided that Canada Post direct mail is a good option to promote your product or service in Canada, we’re the printing company for you! At Rayacom’s printing, you can either send your own material for printing and shipping or choose some of our ready-made templates and customize it your way. We also have designers who can help you with the graphics if necessary.


You’ll be glad to know Rayacom offers direct mailing services in these 9 Canadian cities. VancouverBurnabyKelownaTorontoHamiltonEdmontonCalgaryRed Deer & Saskatoon.

You can choose the size, the number of copies and where you want to send your material simply and quickly, all online. See more Canada Post direct mailers information by clicking here.


Contact Us if You Have Any Questions or if You’re Having Trouble With the Website or Need to Contact Our Customer Service.

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Canada Post Mailers

Connect With Customers Who Matter – Canada Post Direct Mailers

Direct mail printing and marketing has been around since before the internet was created and it is still going strong today because it works!

Instead of getting lost in cluttered inboxes, most businesses are being found in the traditional mailbox. Using Canada post mailers offers Canadian businesses’ the chance to reach millions of potential customers without losing that personal touch that often digital communications lack.

Reasons Why You Should Use Canada Post Mailers

  1.  Canada Post Direct Mailers Can Be More Effective. In an increasingly digital world, direct mailers seem old and boring. Still, an astonishing 36 percent of people under the age of 30 look forward to checking their physical mailboxes every day as it’s very rare now-a-days to receive letters and physical mail has a very sensible touch. While 95 percent of 18-to-29-year-olds positively respond to receiving personal cards and letters in the mail. Combining your digital campaign with a physical one can help you drive better results!
  2. Canada Post Direct Mailers Stand Out. People get hundreds of emails every day, but at most a handful of actual mail pieces. According to Canada Post, 74% of Canadians always or sometimes notice advertising in direct mail, and 81 percent read their mail the same they receive it! Sending mailers can be your way to set yourselves apart from the crowd.
  3. Canada Post Mailers Can Be Physically Shared. Physical mail doesn’t just go to one person; it goes to a household or a business. When one person mentions your mailer, it gives a chance for several people to talk over your mailer’s offer.
  4. Canada Post Mailers Last Longer. According to CompuMail, the average email has a lifespan of 17 seconds, whereas mailers have an average lifespan of 17 days.

Make Your Canada Post Mailers Work With Rayacom

Rayacom is an official Canada Post Partner. Providing direct mail printing solutions to businesses for over 15 years, Rayacom is trusted by Canada Post for delivering printing and direct mail services to customers across Canada. Whether it’s setting up your canada post mailer campaign or simply printing your promotional flyers,  brochures, or marketing materials, Rayacom can help you with revenue-driving direct mail strategies!


How Can Rayacom Help You Set Up Your Next Campaign?

It never hurts to get an expert like Rayacom to help you start preparing for your next neighbourhood mail campaign. From eye-catching designs to flyer printing, we got you covered. If your business has a message or a target, rest assured that Rayacom can help you effectively reach your audience.


Where Does Rayacom Offer Canada Post Direct Mailer Services?

You’ll be glad to know Rayacom offers direct mailing services in these 9 Canadian cities. Vancouver, Burnaby, Kelowna, Toronto, Hamilton, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer & Saskatoon.


Contact Us if You Have Any Questions or if You’re Having Trouble With the Website or Need to Contact Our Customer Service.

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Canada Post Mailers, Flyers

Promotional Flyers Printing: What It Is and How to Create Successful Ones

Promotional flyers are important tools in a marketing strategy. Whether to promote products, services or events, this material is essential to reach your customer. But do you know the power of this print, what it is and how to create flyers that guarantee the results you need? So, check out this article to learn how to craft successful material. Check it out!

What Are Publicity Flyers?

Publicity flyers is a type of promotional printed material. It is mainly used for the promotion of products and services in places with high traffic of people, such as streets, squares and the most diverse events.

The word flyers means ‘something that flies’, which brings the idea of ​​something quickly distributed, as if passed from hand to hand. In general, flyers for publicizing a party or any other event have small dimensions, being produced in A5 and A6 format in superior weight, with mass distribution, quick reading messages and impactful images.

Why Should You Use Flyers for Marketing?

Even with the expansion of social networks, which ended up becoming advertising showcases, printed materials did not leave the scene. On the contrary, they continue to be part of companies’ marketing strategies.

That’s why promotional flyers are so used in campaigns by the most varied segments: it is a material that is able to establish greater contact with the public, since the impact is immediate. As the visual style is attractive and the messages are fast, the absorption of information is also capable of arousing curiosity.

Another advantage is that this material has a low cost, since it is usually produced in large quantities. So, if you want to reach your target audience accurately and quickly, the event, product or promotion flyers are the right piece.

How to Put Together Successful Flyers?

If you are interested in including flyers in your advertising strategy, check out the tips below to get this material right.

  1. Attractive Call

This will be your first (and only!) opportunity to grab the reader’s attention, so it should be a short, impactful sentence. The font should be big and you can work with some color to make it stand out even more. You can also use a subtitle to complement the call, explaining it if necessary.

  1. Text

The text must be concise and easy to read. The purpose of flyers is to promote what the company can offer to its potential customers, so get right to the point! In addition, it is important to give the reader enough information on how to contact the company or how to go to the event.

  1. Promotion/Discount

This is one of the most efficient ways to keep the reader’s interest; people love discounts and freebies. So, if you create a coupon encouraging the potential customer to get in touch, you can have even more success in the campaign.

  1. Image

Creating flyers that contain only text can make it look uninteresting and boring, so be sure to include an image, photo, or illustration that represents what you’re promoting. The best option is always to use your own photos, that is, that show your product or service. If this is not possible, you can use a generic one, from an image bank.

  1. Design

It is important to take some care in this regard, such as avoiding excess types of fonts and colors, for example, to prevent the final result from being polluted and making it difficult to read. A simple, harmonious layout that reflects your brand identity should always be your ultimate goal.

If you don’t have someone responsible for design in your company or don’t know how to get started, you can contact us at RayaCom. We have an in-house design team that can help you develop graphic materials according to what you want.

Where to Make Flyers in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary

We at RayaCom are specialized in graphic materials – including flyers – and we can help you if you want to invest in this strategy. As stated above, we can even help you with the design of your materials. In addition, we work with a series of modalities, such as 24-hour printing; printing with postage (you can indicate the type of audience you want to reach and we’ll make your flyers reach them); and also wait and save printing (where the delivery time varies from 5 to 10 business days, but you pay less).

If you have any other questions please contact us.

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Corrugated Boxes, Hang Tags

Custom Hang Tags Printing: Let Your Products Shine!

Custom hang tags – these are the last things that people usually think about when selling their product. An often overlooked marketing tool, hang tags are those small tags that are attached to your new clothes, or wrapped around chocolate favor bags from Purdy’s. With the holiday season, printing custom hang tags is more important for your products than ever. Here’s some ideas on how you can use custom hang tags to take your branding to the next level.

Get Custom Hang Tags For Your Products

Custom hang tags are popular for adding that special touch to your premium products. Wrap them around your candles, gift baskets, or use them as labels for your wine and beer bottles—your options are endless. Custom hang tags are perfect for just about any product to showcase your brand.


Design Your Custom Hang Tags

Whether you’re a small business owner, or a home-based business, you can benefit from adding custom hang tags to your products. Custom hang tags can be designed in different ways, from using them to simply showcase your branding, to adding a coupon.


3 Ways To Design Your Custom Hang Tags:

  1. Add Your Brand – Add company colours and logos, and your company name. Make it bright, iconic, and memorable. Many people leave their custom hang tags on the product if it makes your product look nicer.
  2. Place a Coupon – You can add a coupon for your client’s next purchase with your company. They can keep the custom hang tag, and bring it to your store. Or, you can add a special coupon code where they can type this into your e-commerce store. 
  3. Say Thank You – Send a heartfelt message on your custom hang tag for the holidays. Let your clients know that you appreciate them, and thank them for their service and loyalty to your brand through your custom hang tag.


Add Custom Hang Tags To Your Custom Corrugated Boxes

Lastly, another idea where you can use hang tags would be on your custom corrugated boxes. Used as a last touch on gift boxes, you can add your custom hang tags after you tie a ribbon on your custom corrugated box.  Corrugated boxes are custom-printed directly with your design, allowing you to simply attach a hang tag and it would be ready to go. 


Where Can You Get Custom Hang Tags and Custom Corrugated Boxes?

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