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Covid-19 Products

Safely Reopen Your Business with Social Distancing Stickers

For the past year, the world as we know it has shifted— with new practices like wearing masks, social distancing, and staying at home. As a result, businesses everywhere have needed to adapt through these unprecedented times by working with smaller workforces, introducing alternative services, and closing their doors to the public. With newfound progress in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are beginning to reopen shops, schools, and offices. However, it is essential to ensure the reopenings are done safely and responsibly. But, how do establishments do this while encouraging social distancing? The answer is simple—social distancing stickers and decals to serve as safety reminders.


How Establishments Have Reinforced Social Distancing

From the floors of your local grocery store or to your dentist’s office, businesses have been using stickers to remind people to at least 2 metres, or 6 feet, apart from each other. By adding stickers, companies have kept everyone safe by following COVID-19 guidelines. Companies have swiftly adjusted to the pandemic and will continue to do so as we reopen our society.


Distancing Floor Stickers

The most popular stickers in businesses, public spaces, and grocery stores, these floor decals are here to promote social distancing. They can help people to space out during their visit to your business.


Directional Arrows

These arrow stickers are a must-have for any place that needs to ensure that people move in one direction. With social distancing rules in place, these arrows encourage people to have limited contact with each other.

Reopening your business comes with the responsibility that your staff and customers are safe in your establishment. By following safety regulations and using tools like social distancing stickers, you can ensure that people are safe in your business.