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FAQ Answers to commonly asked questions in relation to the product and services offered by Rayacom. 24hrs same day printing across Canada in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver. Click on the questions below to find your answers. Not finding what your looking for? In need of extra help? Call one of our 13 locations for a custom quote today and we’d be more than happy to answer all your questions. Having trouble with the website or need to contact our customer service?

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What is the Rayacom Online Printing System?

The Rayacom Online Printing System is a pre-press process that bridges the gap between online digital content and commercial print production. This process allows a print shop, client, or graphic designer to create, edit, and approve online templates during the pre-press phase.

How does the Rayacom Online Printing System help my business?

The Online Printing System flow helps your company run on an efficient, profitable model by streamlining your design-to-print process, which maximizes your time and productivity. 

How does the Rayacom 24 Hr Printing system work?

Our 24-hour turnaround promise makes your life easy, even when you’re busy. Simply submit your files, choose your design specifications, and pick up your print materials the next day. 

* 24-hour turnaround time is calculated based on individual store hours and the submission time of your print-ready artwork. For example, if a print-ready file is submitted at 8 AM, the product should be ready the following business day, by the time your local store closes.

How many products are available through Rayacom?

Rayacom offers an impressive variety of major print products, from uncoated business cards to fabric trade show booths. Check out our offerings at the menu at the top of your screen!

What are the design options for my project?

Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or want to experiment with your design, Rayacom offers three different options to help you design your print materials.
1. Custom Design: Use the design studio to create your own design, or meet with one of our in-house designers at your local Rayacom storefront.
2. Upload Design: Upload your own artwork in the following formats: JPG, JEPG, GIF, PNG, EPS, AI, PDF, and PSD.
3. Browse Design: Select one of our high-quality pre-loaded templates. Customize them through our design studio, too!

What’s the difference between paper stock and card/cover stock?

Paper products are classified by weight. Paper stock typically runs between 60 to 120 grams per square metre (gsm), and anything heavier is considered cardstock: the kind of paper you see used for business cards, postcards, etc.

What’s the difference between glossy and matte paper stock?

Coated paper products are typically available in two finishes: glossy, which is shiny and smooth, and matte, which is flat and lustreless. Coated glossy papers reflect light evenly, and are a classic choice if you want your colours and designs to really pop. Matte papers are sophisticated and trendy, and make a great first impression.

What colour formats can I work with?

Our system supports RGB (red, green blue) and CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow black) colourways for four-colour digital print.

What resolution can I expect for the final product files?

The resolution for your PDF design file is 300dpi, or standard professional print resolution.

What printing method does Rayacom use?

Rayacom utilizes offset printing, which provides the highest quality of print for both text and images.

What payment options does Rayacom accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercard.

How do deposits work?

Any deposits placed with Rayacom are held for 90 days. After 90 days, the deposit is considered null.

Does Rayacom offer refunds?

Rayacom offers refunds in the form of in-house credit towards your next printing project.

Are the prices listed on the Rayacom website final? How can I calculate my total cost?

The prices listed are based on the basic prices of products against speculative quantities. Prices are calculated with regards to the baseline paper and card types, sizes, and single-sided printing. Your final printing cost is dependant on many parameters: the weight of your selected paper product, your desired finish, and the additional design elements you select.