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Unveiling the Power of Roll Labels: Elevate Your Brand’s Packaging

In the world of branding and marketing, every detail matters. From the logo on your product to the way it’s presented, every element contributes to the overall customer experience. This is where roll labels step onto the stage, providing a versatile and impactful solution for your packaging needs. Beyond being just labels, roll labels have the potential to tell your brand’s story, convey important information, and make a lasting impression. Let’s explore the world of roll labels and how they can transform your brand’s packaging game.

What are Roll Labels?

Roll labels are adhesive labels that come on a roll, making them easy to apply to products, packaging, and more. These labels are designed to be versatile and convenient, suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. Whether you’re labelling products, packaging, or promotional materials, roll labels offer flexibility and customization to meet your brand’s unique needs.

Why Choose Roll Labels for Your Brand’s Packaging?

  1. Brand Identity: Roll labels offer a canvas for your brand identity to shine. From your logo and brand colors to important information like ingredients or care instructions, roll labels can reflect your brand’s personality and values. Consistency in branding builds trust and recognition among your customers.
  2. Customization: Roll labels are highly customizable. They can be tailored to various sizes, shapes, and designs to perfectly fit your product and packaging. Whether you need a simple logo label or an intricate design, roll labels offer the flexibility to bring your vision to life.
  3. Information and Communication: Beyond branding, roll labels are a practical tool for conveying crucial information. From nutritional facts to usage instructions, these labels provide a space to communicate essential details to your customers. Clear and informative labels contribute to a positive customer experience.
  4. Professionalism: Well-designed roll labels elevate the perceived value of your products. Clean and professional labels show that you pay attention to every detail, signalling to customers that your products are of high quality and worthy of their trust.
  5. Versatility: Roll labels are incredibly versatile. They can be used on a wide range of products, from cosmetics and food items to promotional materials and packaging. This versatility makes them a valuable asset for businesses across various industries.

Why Partner with Rayacom for Roll Labels?

Expertise: We bring a wealth of expertise to the table when it comes to designing and printing roll labels. Our team of professionals understands the intricacies of label design and production, ensuring that your labels are not only visually appealing but also functional.

Quality Materials: We prioritize quality in every aspect of our services. Our roll labels are printed on durable materials that ensure your labels stay intact and vibrant, even in different environments.

Customization Options: We offer a range of customization options, including label sizes, shapes, and finishes. This allows you to create labels that align perfectly with your brand and packaging.

Timely Delivery: Just like any of our services, we understand the importance of timely delivery. You can trust us to provide you with your roll labels when you need them.

Roll labels are a versatile and impactful tool that can enhance your brand’s packaging, convey essential information, and create a memorable customer experience. Whether you’re labelling products, packaging, or promotional materials, roll labels are an investment in your brand’s success. Contact Rayacom today to discuss your roll label needs and let us help you transform your packaging game.

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Desktop Calendars, Greeting Cards, Labels, Stickers

Holiday Christmas Cards + Custom Stickers + Custom Calendar Printing

Spruce Up Your Holiday Season with Custom Printed Stickers, Greeting Cards, and Desktop Calendars

Happy Holidays! It’s that time of the year again. From custom Christmas greeting cards to placing custom stickers on your gifts, our custom seasonal products are the most effective way to market your company for the holidays.

Custom Christmas Holiday Greeting Cards

Strengthen your relationships with your clients through custom holiday greeting cards for your brand. Custom Christmas holiday greeting cards have been increasingly popular, as companies strive to get their names out in the world in the most affordable way possible. Pair this with our custom envelope, and a sticker for that extra touch.

Get Custom Printed Stickers For Wrapping Paper

Custom printed stickers and labels are perfect for sealing your wrapped-up gifts and envelopes. Affordable and easy to use, our stickers are great for marketing your brand. Wrap your gifts using custom printed stickers instead of tape to seal, or place them on top of your envelopes for an added vibrant design.

Prepare for the New Year 2022 With Custom Desktop Calendars

Get ready—2022 is coming up. If you’re looking for a personalized gift for your clients, custom desktop calendars are the perfect giveaway. Custom desktop calendars allow your clients to keep your business in mind year long. 

Ideas for your desktop calendars:

  • Add Photos of Your Products – Let your products shine. Add photos of your products, such as different types of candles for your candle business. Desktop calendars are great for showcasing your best products.
  • Add Your Brand Logo – Print your brand logo directly onto the desktop calendars, and place it on every page. The best branding for your company could be placing your logo everywhere.
  • Add a “Notes” section – You can add a section for your clients to keep notes on their desktop calendar. Your clients would be able to appreciate the practicality that your custom desktop calendar offers them.

Where Can You Get Custom Printed Stickers, Christmas Holiday Greeting Cards, and Desktop Calendars?

Rayacom has your back—our high-quality custom printed stickers, greeting cards, and desktop calendars have some of the lowest prices across Canada. With multiple locations nationwide, we strive to be your one-stop shop—printing everything you need for your business. Our popular products include our business cards, flyers, and custom printed stickers. Check out our custom printed stickers, greeting cards, desktop calendars and other products, and build your brand for the holiday season.

Custom Christmas Holiday Greeting Cards Printing in Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver

Contact us if you have any questions or if you’re having trouble with the website or need to contact our customer service?

Call Customer Support Team at 1-877-75PRINT (77468) from 9 am to 5 pm PST.

Choose from our 12 locations, including printing services in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto.

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Custom Design and Printing: Types of Printed Marketing Materials That Can Help Your Business

Every company that interacts with any clients or customers needs to be printing marketing materials. When you have contact with customers; you may have already realized the need to have some printing marketing materials. Yes, even in the digital age, where your website and social networks are gaining more and more relevance each day, printed marketing materials still have their captive place. If you have an online store, you may feel the need to send a card with your brand identity to customers. If you sell an artisanal product such as bread or cookies, you can enhance the packaging with a sticker with your logo.


With many stickers and label printing opportunities, the production of these materials certainly has a huge weight in your marketing. No matter the size of your company it’s all a matter of figuring out which types of printed marketing makes sense to you. If you have any doubts about which ones they might be, below are some examples of what is possible to do:


The Practicality of Flyers

Flyers are great tools for providing detailed information to the public. If it is of good quality both in design and content, some consumers may keep it for reference. Which is halfway to a sale (or a return to your establishment).


Below are some examples of how to use pamphlets or flyers in favor of your business:

  • Acknowledgement flyer: use for shipping along with your product, thanking the customer for their purchase and preference.
  • Instruction leaflet: where you put information on the operation or method of use of the product sent.
  • Commercial flyer: used to promote new products, company opening and promotions.


In summary, a flyer is a printed material of great visual impact. In other words, they are flashy, attractive, and must have interesting content. They are certainly ideal pieces for promoting your brand.


Business Cards Printing

Business cards are great when it comes to attracting new customers. However, your company needs to do a good job first. The business card will act as a catalyst in the process.

The right time to deliver a card is just when the product and/or service has been praised by the customer. This way, the client will be able to indicate their work more easily. The best marketing that exists is still the famous “word of mouth”.


Letterheads and Notepads Printing

Letterhead is widely used by investment companies, law firms, medical clinics, among others. This type of personalization increases visibility, as the customer will always be carrying your company’s brand with him. Another important point is simplicity. This is a simple, inexpensive material and a great gift to give to your customers; after all, who doesn’t have a notepad on their desk?

Custom Design and Printing

Custom stickers are the greatest allies for packaging personalization. We recommend investing in a creative design – if you already have your logo and your brand’s colors defined, take the opportunity to include them. This helps to reinforce the strength of your brand.


After all, the custom stickers can have several uses, such as:

  • Packaging customization
  • Product labels
  • Adhesive label as a corporate gift
  • Thank you sticker for purchase


Custom stickers are a great investment in printed material and it helps a lot in promoting your brand and customizing your products.


Custom Design and Printing in Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver

If you need printed materials for your business, please click here and contact us. We can help you with your business needs – plus we have services that can be done within 24 hours.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you’re having trouble with the website or need to contact our customer service?

Call Customer Support Team at 1-877-75PRINT (77468) from 9 am to 6 pm PST.

Choose from our 12 locations, including printing services in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto.



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Build Your Brand with Custom Stickers and Labels

How Modern Companies Are Using Stickers And Labels Printing

From placing stickers on every to-go bag for your restaurant, or labels for your candle company, custom printed stickers and labels are the most affordable way to market your new company.

Stickers have been increasingly popular in the last decade, with companies like Doordash and Uber Eats encouraging each restaurant to seal their to-go bags with several custom printed stickers. The rise of e-commerce has also made custom stickers and label printing popular, as many online companies who ship their products also put in a couple of stickers in the package as a freebie.

Custom Printed Stickers For Your Products

If you own a small business, sometimes it can be tough to budget for marketing your brand. Many businesses can benefit from the low prices stickers and labels can offer, such as restaurants, coffee shops, or graphic-design freelancers.

Here are a few examples of how you can use custom stickers and labels for your company:

  • Brand Logo – Print your brand logo directly onto a custom sticker, and place it on your products, or simply hand it out along with your business card. This helps customers remember you later on. If they love your brand, customers can even take photos of your stickers and post them on their social media.
  • Descriptive Label – You can create an informative and descriptive label for your product, which can include the best before date, ingredients, and other information about the product inside. Perfect for fresh baked goods, homemade jams, and other food or drink items.

E-Commerce Packaging and Labels Printing

Custom stickers and labels are perfect for e-commerce, as stickers are super lightweight. Companies that are primarily online and ship most of their products can easily add a custom sticker to the package without breaking the bank. You can also stick the labels directly on top of the mailer box to showcase your brand.

Where Can You Get Custom Stickers & Label Printing in Canada?

Rayacom has your back—our high-quality custom printed stickers have some of the lowest prices across Canada. With multiple locations nationwide, we strive to be your one-stop printing shop—printing everything you need for your business. Our popular 24-Hour* same day printing products include our 24-Hour Business Cards™, 24-Hour Flyers™, and custom printed stickers. Check out our custom printed stickers and other printing products, and build your brand today.

Contact Us if you have any questions or if your having trouble with the website or need to contact our customer service?

Call Customer Support Team at 1-877-75PRINT (77468) from 9 am to 6 pm PST.