Rayacom menus, coasters and tent cares are the foundation in the restaurant, food and beverage industry. Print your menus on a strong and durable plastic stock that not only looks great but will feel great in your customers’ hands.
Looking for a beautiful looking tent card for a display? This is the ideal elegant and professional display. Tent cards come in a standard tent card or cube format. Printed on 10 Pt. Cvr. and die-cut to shape, use tent cards as a way to promote products and features, or specific promotions.
Custom coasters are essential in the food and services industry. Use it to promote your company, a product launch or alternatively as party favours, gifts or giveaways at trade shows.


Tent Cards

As low as $1.33 $1.90 ea.


As low as $0.08 $0.11 ea.


As low as $0.12 $0.17 ea.


As low as $0.24 $0.34 ea.