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Business Card Tips to Help You Stand Out

Business cards have been and remain a staple for business representatives all around the world to introduce themselves to other business representatives. Business cards are like fashion statements in their own sense in the business world.

Fun Shaped  Cut-Outs

Who said business cards have to be the usual rectangle shape? For example, imagine adding a handle to the end of your business card and turning it into a butcher’s knife? This would help any butcher to stand out! Or a clothing store turning one side of their business card into the curved part of a hanger. These are just a few things we’ve seen done. With the right team and willingness to try something different, there are so many more creative designs you can do with your business cards.


fun business cards


Bold Fonts

Say it loud and say it proud with big, bold, and loud fonts. This is bound to grab the attention of the person you’re giving your business card to. It will also help you to stay top of your mind and stand out visually. Most people once they receive a business card will probably put it in their pockets and forget about it. You want to make sure your business card stands out so once they remove it from their pockets, they just have to take another look, and later check out your business.

QR Codes

QR codes are becoming more and more popular with the COVID restrictions. However, they can serve a different purpose on your business cards. You can use QR codes to direct your potential customer directly to your website, introduction video, or the product page. If you are looking to add an interactive element to your business cards, QR codes are definitely the way to go.

If you’re looking to boost your brand presence or increase your leads, you might be surprised how much revamping your business card might help. Whether you are located in Edmonton, Calgary, Ontario, or British Columbia, we have the design and production team in place to work with you on creating a memorable business card design.