Anti-Microbial Film

Antimicrobial Activity of Copper Stainless Steel Copper 8 According to research, including copper and copper alloy, ‘antimicrobial copper’ rapidly deactivated the coronavirus within a couple minutes when the coronavirus touched the surface of the copper.

Applications: Apartments, Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Department stores, Schools, etc.
Antimicrobial Copper film is the “one and only” material approved by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)

Copper’s antimicrobial performance has already been reviewed by various media, such as medical newspapers and research papers. Other Application Examples: Public transit handles, Toilet handles and building door knobs, Elevators, Common front door areas, card readers, shopping carts

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Antimicrobial Film Instructional Guide
How to Use
1. Remove dust, water foreign objects, etc. at the attachment area.
2. Cut to fit the elevator button plate, and tape the upper and lower parts.
3. Attach the enclosed sticker to the right position.
Product Specifications: 15.748 in. x 32.80 ft. (400mm x 10m)
Type: Non-adhesive film
Materials: PO, Antimicrobial Nano Copper

1. The rough side is the “front side” and the smooth side is the “backside”.
2. Cut the Antimicrobial Copper Film to the size of the surface.
3. Apply the Antimicrobial Copper Film with Scotch tape or regular tape.
4. Do not wipe the film surface with any detergents or disinfectants.
5. Replace the antimicrobial copper film according to the degree of damage to the antimicrobial film i.e. scratches, holes, erosion, etc


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in